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Wednesday, 3 July 2019

How to change the display size of your android

Google has introduced new way to change DPI (Display size) of an android phone.

Before I move on , DPI refers to the Density Independence on your device, which is the ratio of your device’s resolution to the display size.

Check image below

You can see that their is different between the two image

How to change DPI?

Step 1: Go to "setting" and scroll down to "developer options".

Step 2: Click on "developer options" 8 times (by doing this you will become a developer")

Step 3: when "developer options" is open , click the "On" button at the top, then look for "smallest width" then you can change your dpi from your dafault DPI to 600

Note: 1. Do not touch anything else
           2.Your DPI should not exceed 600
            3. You may experience not able to type number and call in the cause of changing your dpi, just reduce dpi and that all.

If you successfully change your DPI, let us know in the comment section.

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