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Saturday, 6 July 2019

How to fix your android overheating problem-See how

Fix OverHeating In Android Smartphones

Mostly Android Users Face The Heating Problem With Their Android Smartphone , Some Users Face Heating Problem While Playing Game, Some Face Heating Problem Just By A little Bit Use , Heating Of Android Phones occur Mostly Due To Some Apps Running in Back Ground . Those Apps are useless and May push Your android Phone To Heating problem. Some face heating problem due to malfunction of an hardware in the smartphone.
Now below are some of the most working and easiest methods you can use To Solve android Phone overheating issue.
  • Go to Settings > App > Running Apps
  • Now Note Down Those Apps Which You Are Not using , But they are still Running .
  • Below are some of the apps which consume a lot of battery and CPU usage
  • Google Play Store
  • Google Play Services
  • Google Play Services Framework
  • Google Search
  • Maps
Now to Turn off or Force stop them you have to simply head over to your System Settings > App settings  and Tap on force stop, By doing this you will give command to your Android phone not to run apps when you are not using them, And to Again make them work you can open the app any time and it will start working normally.

Second method

Go to Settings > Battery And Choose OPTIMIZE CPU PERFORMANCE
This Will Lower Down The Cpu performance and Hence Your Phone Will Run On A lower Level Which Will Avoid The Android Smartphone To Get Heated Up.

Comment below if you have any question to ask or if heating problem stop using above methods

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