Airtel double data: see how you can get airtel double data

by - September 23, 2019

After glo grand master of data, airtel is the next. Few weeks ago, we have been enjoying free data, especially airtel, airtel gave people 4gb data for N200 recharge but just few people enjoyed it.

Today, I will be talking about airtel double data, let me explain what double data means, for example you buy 20mb data, you will be given 20mb extra data making it 40mb,that what it means.

Airtel double data start from 750mb which is N500, so if you buy any data starting from N500 and above, you will get double data. So buying 750mb of N500 will be doubled to 1.5gig, if you buy 1.5gig of N1000 will be doubled to 3gig and so on, is this not nice?  The bad news is that it does not work for old airtel sim.

Double data is given by airtel to new subscribers, that means double data only works on new airtel sim. So go get airtel new sim and enjoy.

It works for good six month, after six month go get another one.

I hope you like this update, comment below how this works truly

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