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Friday, 20 September 2019

Send free message on your mtn line

Gurusnetchy have done so well by giving us update on free browsing. But today we will be talking on sending free message on mtn.

Some will be wondering is that true, yes it is true, before I move on, I want to teach you how to flash another number with your airtel number without airtime on it. I should have write separately on it but writing separately will make a short post, so I have decided to write it here so that it will make things easier for us.

You can flash any number with your airtel number without airtime, see how you will do it. Any number you want to flash put double star(symbol) in front of the number, like this **08063711715  and you are good to go.

Now back on how to send free messages on mtn, so follow the steps below

  • You have to migrate from your tariff plan to mtn business plan
  • Dial *460# to migrate, after dialing, reply 1 and two options will be displayed, which you are seeing the picture above
  • Choose option 2 which is mtn biz class and you will be migrated, then you can enjoy sending free messages. 
Note:you can send free messages to only mtn lines and their is a limit.

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