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Friday, 15 November 2019

How to buy MTN 75mb for 20 Naira 2019

MTN as been in the game for so long and they know how to satisfy their customers. Due to the instructions given by NCC to all network providers to reduce data charges, MTN start bringing up some data with little charges. Like the one I will post below.

Before I show you how to subscribe for this data on mtn, let me tell you something, MTN and all other network provider are not ready to reduce their data charges. They are just bringing up data with small charges.
I hope all network providers, will pity us someday and reduce data charges.

Now back on how to get MTN 75mb for 20 Naira, some will say what will I use this for, one day you will need it maybe you don't have data and no money to buy data and you want to do something very important, you will go for this.

               How to subscribe
  • Dial *131*10# and follow other step to subscribe
  • You can subscribe multiple times
  • It last for 7 days
  • To check data balance dial *131*4#

Note:It does not work on all MTN Sim, it sim selective

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