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Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Soft talk messenger--A Nigeria made application

Soft Talk Messenger is the first messenger from Nigeria, oh this is a great development.

Soft Talk Messenger, Nigeria's Messaging App, you can send free audio and do free video chat and shop(you can actually buy whatever you want to buy from soft talk messenger).

Connect with friends and family using Soft Talk instant messaging, voice calls, or video chats.
 Send a voice note, or take advantage of the other amazing features that Soft Talk offers beyond just free messages! You can Share photos and videos, enjoy emoji icons, record audio messages, and even send files.

Call Packages!
Free Calls to the US/Canada/UK, Japan, India, Singapore etc
With SoftTalk messenger, You can subscribe to available packages to call mobile and landline for free monthly. Simply select your choice of destinations  and start calling mobile direct.. That's it! When you exceed your free monthly subscription, you may purchase credit to call the world.

Premium Calls!
While SoftTalk to SoftTalk Calls are always free, you can call the world with our super low rate tarif to Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, India, Nepal, Japan, US/Canada etc, using our Premium route that delivers your exact caller ID to your receiver. Add credit to your wallet to start calling the world right now.

Group chat!
With SoftTalk messenger, it’s easy to create and join group chats - Chat in a group with your favorite people, classmates, family and friends.

Whether you’re looking for a quality brand new or used phone, the longest battery life or accessories, there’s always something for you on SoftTalk Messenger, the first Nigeria’s Messaging app which enables users to not just chat but shop for quality controlled products and services.

To download go to "playstore" and search "soft talk messenger" and download.

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