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Thursday, 19 December 2019

Make cool money from Kuda bank

It almost christmas time, so let make some cool money before Christmas. 

Kuda bank is back with their referring program, they stop the referring program for a while so that they can find a better way for people to refer.

The last time, Kuda referral  program was somehow difficult for users.

You can read the previous post about Kuda bank and the referral system here Click here

The link above will tell you more about  Kuda

Kuda bank give #200 for each referral  and they pay every Monday, as in you can only withdraw on Mondays. Before Christmas you can earn some cool cash to buy Christmas chicken. All you have to do is to follow all instructions and be smiling to the bank.

Let go straight to the point, How to earn money from Kuda bank app. First of all you need to download the app.

Link to download the app below 👇


Then open app and click on join Kuda and you will see the registration form.

It will ask for date of birth and bvn (Bank verification number) and referral code.

Your date of birth should correlate with bvn date of birth

Don't be afraid to input your bvn,  Kuda bank is legit and they will not do anything funny with your bvn.

Below pictures shows the review of those people using Kuda bank app, reviews from playstore

You can check playstore for more reviews, so don't be afraid inputting BVN. 

After BVN, the next thing to fill is referral code, input my own referral. (Don't leave it blank, use my referral code) This is my referral code   05XWPIJO

Just copy the  above referral code and paste it and continue and you be ask to take your passport and then follow every other registration process and you will complete your registration.

Now we get to where you earn your #200 for each person you refer. After you have completed your registration, you will be redirected to your homepage/dashboard and if you check below, you will see "home", "payment", "budget" and "more", click on "more" and look for "invite and earn" click that and you will see your referral code.

This referral code make you to earn your #200, The question is how do I go about it.

Tell friends and family to start using Kuda bank, when they are registering on the app, tell them that they should input your referral code on the referral code space on the registration forms. Like I tell you to do to input my referral code on the referral code space.

Note: follow every instruction above and your date of birth must correlate with the one on your BVN.

If you have any question, use your comment box and you get answer to it ASAP.

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